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10:24am 26/12/2005
  How the fuck do I start one of these off? Introduce myself? Im Christina. I hate my name but what can I say? My crackhead mom gave it to me. If your going to talk to me, I prefer Chris. No Christina, no chrissy .. no other pussy ass names you people come up with. Just Chris.

Im from fucking chicago. Born and raised. Ran off when the bitch decided her fling of the week was more important then I am. Fuck it, see if I care. Its just an excuse for me to get the hell out of there anyway. So yeah, im 17, just got my own apartment .. absolutely LOVE cars. Theyre my life.. I've got a niiiice new red 05' Mustang, all souped up with a kickass system, pimp speakers, god. I love it.

I talked to a few of the auto shops around this place. Finally one actually listened to what i had to say and actually realized I know what the hell im doing and they hired me. So, new apartment, kickass car (ofcourse), and a pretty sweet job to start off with. MUCH, much better then stayin at home with the same boring ass people and a cracked out mom with 9348598 boyfriends throughout the week. Yeah. Definately better..

I love to party -- live to party. So if any of you bitches ever wanna chill, my house is the new party house. Theres already shit going on 24/7. If you cant handle your liqour, or your drugs, DONT come. This aint no place for pussies. K? thnx.

Oh, and the aim is xx onebigmystery
FRIENDS ONLY. Comment, and I might add you.
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